Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

Most homeowners never experience the benefits of LED outdoor lighting. The most magnificent home can easily fade into the night; but, when shown in the right light even the most average home can be the best looking house on the block. Illuminating stairs and walkways, outdoor lighting makes a home safer for welcomed guests and is a proven deterrent to anyone that is not supposed to be on your property. With these benefits and many others, an outdoor lighting can truly be a great value. “However not all lighting systems are created equal”, says professional outdoor lighting designer David Bilik, “It’s important that homeowners do a little research to make sure their new lighting system is going to showcase their home’s full potential.”

Most homeowners spend so much time and money making their home look great during the day that they forget about extending that beauty into the night. If you’ve ever stopped to take a second look at a beautifully lit home as you drive through a neighborhood then you know how much of a difference outdoor lighting can make. The odds that you would stop and do a double take of that same home during the day is much less regardless of how nice it may be. That’s because in most neighborhoods you and your neighbors likely conform to more or less the same standard of how nice you keep your property looking. “We usually find that we have either no projects in a neighborhood or multiple projects in a neighborhood”, David proclaims, “After we install an outdoor lighting system it usually doesn’t take long before a neighbor realizes how much of a difference outdoor lighting could make in their own home.” There’s no denying the beauty that outdoor lighting can bring to your home.

For a lot of people the added beauty is enough of a reason to invest in an outdoor lighting system but for others, it’s the safety and security that lighting brings to a home that makes it so appealing. From walkways to stairs and from water features to swimming pools it seems the nicer you try to make your home the more hazards you create. Outdoor lighting is an easy way to make your home safe for your friends and family while creating a welcoming and mood setting atmosphere that most people try so hard to create. That same lighting that feels so inviting to your friends and family is a huge deterrent to any unwanted guests. Take one look at a well-lit home next to a home without lights and it’s easy to see why a dark home’s are more often targets for theft and vandalism. With timers, motion sensors and lighting off eaves and rooflines the options available to make your outdoor lighting system double as a crime deterrent is unlimited.

“At the end of the day, most people agree lighting is a great value,” said David “Sometimes it only takes a few fixtures to transform your home, it doesn’t take a large investment to make a big difference.” As people find themselves staying home more they look for ways to expand their living area to the outdoors, there’s no better way to maximize the amount of time you can enjoy your home’s property than a properly installed landscape lighting system. For many people, it’s the evening hours that people and families are most likely to have the time to relax and enjoy their backyard. So whether you find yourself cooking outside to eating dinner outside, using the pool at night or just leaving the blinds open so you can take in the beauty of yard while you watch TV, the benefits of outdoor lighting are endless and often overlooked until you experience them in your own backyard.

David Bilik resides in Las Vegas where he has installed hundreds of outdoor lighting systems since 2003 and is available for designs, installations, and consultations. David runs Twilight Designs in Las Vegas, David got his start with a company where he grew up in Chicago that has been around for over 15 years that has proudly put their name on over 3,000 lighting systems. For more information visit call (702) 907-5444.