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Illuminating Your Landscape

When done properly, outdoor lighting has the ability to amplify the beauty of a space.

A well-lit space will control how your eyes move throughout an area. It determines what you focus on as well as what you don’t. Landscape lighting will highlight focal points and set a mood for the atmosphere.

Good lighting can evoke emotion in a way that surpasses daylight. If you are looking for a Las Vegas outdoor lighting company consider Twilight Designs. View our reviews »

David Bilik, Owner

Why Consider Twilight Designs?

When you work with Twilight Designs you will work directly with the owner David Bilik from start to finish. David has over 13 years experience as an outdoor lighting designer and has installed hundreds of outdoor lighting projects. He has experience in both Chicago and Las Vegas and is the recipient of nationally recognized lighting design awards in both areas.

We all know that choosing the right landscaper or landscape architect has a big impact on the look of home’s exterior and landscaping. But even the most beautiful landscapes during the day are easily hidden by the darkness of night. Lighting design requires a very different skillset that that a landscaper or landscape designer may possess.

Here are some important questions to consider in lighting an outdoor space.

  • How a space is being used?
  • How much light is ideal, what is the mood of the space?
  • What color light best defines each illuminated object?
  • Is there enough variety the lighting methods used to keep it interesting?
  • Are the fixtures used going to withstand the environment?
  • What maintenance can you expect over the next 10+ years?

While a landscaper excels in transforming a barren area with plant selection and placement, a professional lighting designer excels in taking an already beautiful space and enhancing it with light through experience and creativity. This goes beyond placing lights on plants as often times features around your home can inspire creativity and make for the most dramatic illuminated areas.

What Makes Us Different?

ARTISTIC ABILITY – A stunning landscape lighting system starts with a great design. Lighting is all we do and we’ve been perfecting our designs for over 13 years.

TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES – Our installation techniques are unmatched. Whether you in the design phase of a new project or your landscaping is established and lacks lighting – we have the tools to make your home look amazing. From custom masonry bits, inspection cameras, cable tracers, core drills and more, there’s rarely an area we can’t illuminate.

EXPERIENCE – Everything about our systems are built to last. We use heavy duty mounting stakes, permanent and sealed connections, time tested fixtures, LED lamps designed specifically to withstand the elements. Every shortcoming of typical landscape lighting systems has been considered and shows in out installations.


Our History in Landscape Lighting

David Bilik in 2005

In 2002 at the age of 18 David Bilik began working for Accents Lighting Inc., a Chicago area lighting company. Accents Lighting was founded in 1996 and is one of Chicago’s most prominent landscape lighting companies.

Later in 2004 David moved to Las Vegas to start Bilik Outdoor Lighting. For nearly 7 years Bilik Outdoor Lighting installed hundreds of lighting systems in Las Vegas and Henderson. Many of those same customers after 12 years have recently upgraded their systems to more energy efficient LED systems utilizing the same fixtures and wiring from up to 12 years ago. In 2010 David sold Bilik Outdoor Lighting and later moved back to Chicago.

In 2014 David moved back to Las Vegas and started Twilight Designs in 2015 bringing his passion for landscape lighting back to the Las Vegas Valley.


by Nick N on Twilight Designs
Immaculate Work

The installation was immaculate and was done with meticulous detail.

by Ramona L on Twilight Designs
Twilight Designs - Best Landscape Lighting Company in Las Vegas

Twilight Designs is the only company I would trust to do my landscape lighting and backyard outdoor lighting. In the past I used my landscapers and learned the hard way. Don't trust a gardener to do electrical work at your home!

by Dawn M on Twilight Designs
Professional and Knowledgeable

David is very professional and knowledgeable about what type of lighting to use and where would be the best place to put it.

by Dan D on Twilight Designs
The Envy of The Neighborhood

I used David Bilik back in 2003 when I built my custom home in Las Vegas. Today is 2015, my home is still the envy of the neighborhood, especially at night.